Gemological Institute of America Carlsbad, CA The GIA brand is known and respected worldwide. SPD created the GIA logo and all branded communications for more than 2 decades, establishing the GIA brand as the global leader in the gemological industry.

Salem State University

Salem, MA Salem State University is one of the largest state universities in Massachusetts. SPD guided the institution through a name change, and developed the new logo, university seal, graphic standards, and a distinctive signage and wayfinding system that united four campuses.  The new branded system dramatically increased fundraising and admissions and reinforced its status as a leading educational institution.

MIT – Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Cambridge, MA The new brand standards for CEE at MIT symbolize the community collaboration and vision that are the core of the science, engineering, and cultural mission of CEE. The new logo, multi-colored palette, website, and branded environments unite the school’s synergistic approach to addressing the interrelated issues of today’s society.

California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Pomona, CA SPD collaborated with CPP to develop a new brand identity and college seal to reflect the university’s history, mission, and vision for the future. The new identity integrates the letter “C” within an octagon to reflect the eight colleges of the university and the core elements of polytechnic education.

Boston Architectural College

Boston, MA A new name and identity launched the rebirth of the Boston Architectural College. Applied to new admissions materials, advertising, signage, and website, the new BAC brand dramatically increased fundraising, applicants, and improved brand rankings, reinforcing its status as a leading educational institution.

USC Ronald Tutor Campus Center

Los Angeles, CA The Ronald Tutor Campus Center is at the ‘heart’ of the USC campus. As the university’s ‘town hall,’ the 200,000 sf center provides conference areas, admission center and theater, alumni association offices, student union, offices for student programs and organizations, lounges, entertainment facilities, dining, and retail all integrated around a dramatic open air plaza and food court. The comprehensive wayfinding system includes new identity and direction signs, directories, and murals. It also …

University Park at MIT

Cambridge, MA University Park is a 40-acre mixed use neighborhood adjacent to MIT. Its unique campus includes corporate offices, hotel, residences, retail, restaurants, institutional facilities, laboratories, retail, restaurants, parking, and public greenspace. Collaborating with owners, architects, and artists, SPD developed the experience master plan, integrating serious and whimsical storytelling sculptures, murals, and pavement engravings designed to tell the history and future of the tech community through the lens of science technology.

University of Utah Health Care

Salt Lake City, UT SPD developed a comprehensive interior and exterior signage and wayfinding master plan for the University of Utah Health Sciences Campus, and the University of Utah Hospital and Clinics, which includes more than 50 facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and healthcare offices. The multi-modal signage system integrates vehicle and pedestrian movement, access from off-campus, special events, visiting groups, emergency services, deliveries and security, as well as special transportation and access needs for …

UCSD, North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood

San Diego, CA SPD developed a comprehensive signage and wayfinding master plan for UC San Diego, North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood Project (Sixth College); a mixed-use development located at the southwest edge of the main campus that includes housing, academic space, retail and below-grade parking. SPD Greatest Hits Education Brochure Placemaking Brochure

Northwestern University

Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Center for the Musical Arts Evanston, IL Selbert Perkins Design created the donor recognition, wayfinding, digital signage, and room identification system for the Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Center for the Musical Arts at Northwestern University. The new system integrates seamlessly with the elegant new building designed by Goettch Partners, reflecting the mission and accomplishments of the Center and its alumni. SPD Greatest Hits Education Brochure

Northeastern University Bernard M. Gordon Tribute Portal

Boston, MA SPD worked with landscape architects and media designers to design the award-winning Bernard M. Gordon Tribute Portal at Northeastern University. The Portal is an interactive archway in the center of the campus that utilizes innovative media to honor ten groundbreaking engineers. Bernard Gordon created the first analog/digital interface; the portal’s dynamic elements express the transformation of analog to digital technology. Placemaking Brochure Public Art Brochure

Loyola University

State, City Selbert Perkins Design developed a signage and wayfinding master plan for Loyola University Chicago, the nation’s largest Jesuit Catholic University. The master plan includes exterior and interior signage and wayfinding standards for academic, recreational, and residential buildings at the Lake Shore Campus and Water Tower Campus. Working closely with the University, SPD integrated wayfinding signs into the architecture and landscape to create a highly functional and cohesive environment. SPD Greatest Hits Education Brochure …

MIT Sloan School of Management

Cambridge, MA SPD designed an interactive lobby experience to bring the MIT Sloan School of Management’s new brand to life. The branded, three-dimensional wall provides visual expression for the core brand concept: Ideas Made to Matter. Members of the Sloan School’s diverse global community and their impactful ideas are presented at life-size scale.The storytelling reflects the vibrant pace of change, presenting real-world situations and settings.

Berklee College of Music

Boston, Massachusetts SPD created the signage master plan for the renowned Berklee College of Music. Campus identity, building identity, and interior wayfinding combine to reinforce the college campus in Boston’s historic Back Bay, an active urban context. The Berklee Performance Center serves as a beacon at the center of the campus and is a magnet for international talent. Café 939 / Red Room is a popular social hub serving the diverse college community and the …

Princeton University Frick Chemistry Laboratory

Princeton University Frick Chemistry Laboratory Princeton, New Jersey SPD collaborated with Payette Associates to create the branded environments, exhibits, donor recognition system, signage and wayfinding for the state-of-the-art Frick Chemistry Laboratory. The laboratory provides space for faculty research and teaching, a large auditorium, and faculty and administrative offices, labs, event spaces, and CaFe. A sky lit atrium connects the laboratory wing with the administrative space and offers a light filled space with pedestrian bridges. Education …

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