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CtrCity Residences

Anaheim, CA CtrCity is the heart of Anaheim, where trend meets tradition. SPD created the varied identities and signs for the Promenade, Broadway Arms, Harbor Lofts, and Carnegie Plaza, as well as the district wide signs, maps, and micro transit system graphics for this eclectic urban district.
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Los Angeles World Airports

The iconic LAX Gateway has become an icon of the LA experience. Conceived and designed by Selbert Perkins Design in collaboration with the LAX Beautification Team, the landmark gateway features a ring of fifteen illuminated 100′ color-changing columns. The gateway was developed to welcome the world to Los Angeles and as a landmark, represents the energy, diversity, excitement, and unity of LA. Selbert Perkins Design celebrates 20 years of collaboration with Los Angeles World Airports ...
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Westfield Century City

Century City, CA Collaborating with Westfield, SPD developed and implemented the comprehensive branded signage and wayfinding system for this premier retail destination. Static and dynamic signs and monuments complement the sleek architectural elements and reinforce the interactive experiences of LA’s most visited retail center. SPD Greatest Hits Mixed Use-Retail Brochure Retail Brochure Parking Brochure Placemaking Brochure
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Sunset Media Center

Los Angeles, California The Sunset Media Center is an inspiring art-filled commercial office center in the heart of the Hollywood Media District. SPD collaborated with Kilroy Realty and Gensler to develop the brand identity, signage and wayfinding, parking, and placemaking elements to provide a dynamic exterior and interior experience for all visitors.
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City of Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA SPD collaborates with the City of Santa Monica on a variety of civic design and vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, and metro first/last mile wayfinding projects. Each project integrates static and digital signage and heads-up mapping, to create a sustainable citywide branded system of signs, maps, and lighting. SPD Greatest Hits Placemaking Brochure Civic Brochure
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City of Long Beach

Long Beach, CA SPD designed the City of Long Beach citywide pedestrian and vehicle wayfinding program, including gateways, parking, coastal access, and digital communications. The new city and neighborhood gateways integrate the Long Beach Brand and can be customized by each neighborhood to celebrate the diversity of the city. Pedestrian signs include heads-up maps, and new digital signs will provide information and revenue generation opportunities. SPD Greatest Hits Placemaking Brochure Civic Brochure
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City of Anaheim

Anaheim, CA SPD designed and implemented the branded citywide vehicle, pedestrian, parking, and paratransit wayfinding systems for the City of Anaheim, CTR City, and Resort Districts, as well as the branding for residential and museum properties. The new sustainable systems feature solar powered signs and digital connectivity throughout the city. SPD Greatest Hits Placemaking Brochure Civic Brochure
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