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The Fading Art of Customer Service

Through all of the hype, noise and debate over AI, an older and much more powerful force has all but been silenced. For those in the know, its true power, not only keep vigil over it—it is their secret competitive advantage. That force is called “Customer Service”, which is serving the customer/client, rather than merely tending the project alone.

The Power of Wayfinding

Wayfinding is misunderstood by most people, who mistakenly believe that it is as easy as simply creating and installing signs. Yet we’ve all had that frustrating experience of being in a place and not being able to find our way to our desired destination. Although there may be many signs around us, they do more to confuse us than to intuitively guide us to where we want to be.

Mall Conversions: The New American Dream?

As we are adapting to the ever-changing nature of humanity and the economy, many of the mega malls of a bygone era are yielding to this inevitable change. Large retail anchor stores are downsizing or outright closing. An ever-increasing trend towards online shopping has further placed a strain upon retailers and mall operators.

Varsha Sheth Promoted to Design Director

Selbert Perkins Design is pleased to announce the promotion of Varsha Sheth to Design Director.

Logan Strauss Promoted to Senior Designer

Selbert Perkins Design is pleased to announce the promotion of Logan Strauss to Senior Designer.

Los Angeles Metro K Line: The Complexity of Connecting Communities

The beauty of trains, trams, and other forms of public transportation extends well beyond getting from one place to another. The benefits extend beyond reducing traffic and doing our part in lowering greenhouse emissions. The real beauty is that they connect communities and the people within them with one another.

Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Woman’s Day

As an international, woman-owned, WBE-certified firm, we’d like to celebrate the exceptionally talented women of SPD on International Woman’s Day. From our fearless leader, design creatives, accounting staff, studio managers, marketing team, and HR dept. we are incredibly thankful and proud to stand with the best of the best.
Cheers to all the women who have come before us and those currently paving the way for generations to come.

Placemaking, Wayfinding and Branding: Creating an All-American Neighborhood in Arlington, Texas

Situated in the once sleepy suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington Texas is being transformed into a new story.

The Power of Placemaking

We’ve all had that feeling. That sensation within us that occurs when we enter a new space.

Somehow that environment speaks to us on a level that is beyond our normal senses… communicating to us on a more fundamental and powerful level.

That sense of place conveys to us its story. It invokes specific feelings. It serves to either welcome, or warn… engage or repel… invoking old and creating new memories. Placemaking creates a sense of unity in an otherwise fragmented world, drawing us in and enticing us to stay.

Reinventing Wayfinding and Traveler Experience at Orlando International Airport

When it came time to expand MCO, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), the organization responsible for leading one of the 10 busiest airports in the world, made the bold decision to avoid simply adding another terminal to accommodate their over 40 million annual passengers, they decided to dramatically change the passenger experience.

World Cup ‘94: The Event that Ignited America’s Love of Soccer/World Football

When the USA was chosen as the host country for the 1994 World Cup, it launched a plethora of firsts, including the creation of its first soccer league, thus Major League Soccer (MLS) was born.

ICMA Conference – The Benefits of an Inclusive City Rebranding Process

Government leaders from around the country gathered in Columbus, Ohio recently to connect, learn, share, and be inspired. The 108th ICMA conference demonstrated the power that comes when like-minded people come together with the intention of learning and sharing with others. One session, in particular, was incredibly powerful. The City …

Dominique Logan Promoted to Director, Business Development

Selbert Perkins Design is pleased and excited to announce the promotion of Dominique Logan to Director of Business Development.

Wayfinding the Future at LAX

Since its beginning as a single airstrip and lone building at the dawning of commercial aviation, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has continually expanded and modernized to meet the growing needs of an ever-changing aviation industry and the people they serve as the gateway to Los Angeles, California, and America. …

Branding, Wayfinding & Placemaking Historic La Plaza – Los Angeles, CA

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, in downtown Los Angeles, California, lives a place where its historical story and significance were in need of telling. That place is La Plaza Village, located in the heart of what is known as el pueblo. And as the story goes, lived a …

Selbert Perkins Design has Rebranded…

If you are like most companies, you carefully crafted your brand a couple of decades ago. It has served you well and you have built a great business around it. Why would it ever need to be changed? Because the world changes whether we like it or not. Perhaps you’ve …

Picture of Sharon Brooks and two projects she shepherded

Sharon Brooks Promoted to Principal: Business Development

Selbert Perkins Design is pleased to announce the promotion of Sharon Brooks to Principal of Business Development.

Please join us in congratulating Sharon on her well-deserved promotion and in celebrating the future relationships she will build, nurture and grow.

Wayfinding & Placemaking Transforms a University: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a world-class university. Ranked in the top 50 Masters-Level universities in the USA. Yet the exterior of the school did not reflect the excellence it provides within it.

Recognizing this, the school leadership set out to bring congruence to their learning environment by providing a professional, practical and pragmatic experiential environment to their campus.

Power & Light District: Placemaking & Wayfinding Kansas City’s Future

From near desolation to a thriving community, Kansas City has overcome the challenge faced by many of America’s great cities. Where once these centers of culture, community, growth, and prosperity attracted those seeking a better life… many had morphed into dangerous shells of their former selves, driving people away to …

Analog & Digital Wayfinding is Key to Airport Success

Imagine that you’re ready for your trip. Your family is with you, and you’re eager to head to the airport. But you’re anxious too. Where are you going? Where do you park? Where is the terminal? Ticketing? Baggage? Security? Gate? You have enough stressors in your life; all you want …

Revitalization Of District Detroit: The Eddystone

From blight to beauty, the much-needed revitalization of the City of Detroit has taken a monumental leap forward. The restoration of the long-abandoned Eddystone Hotel demonstrates Olympia Development’s commitment to bringing District Detroit back to its glory, a reimagined historic neighborhood, home to thriving businesses and residents alike. Olympia Development …

Branding is Essential: Part 1

There is much misconception of what the term “Branding” means. It has been widely overused, diluted and distorted for decades, almost to the point where it no longer represents its original intention. Some people conflate branding with logos. Some look at it as an ego exercise. Others see it as …

Wayfinding & Signage is Vital to Healthcare: U Health – University of Utah

Since its beginning in 1905, the University of Utah Health, now U Health, has continued to expand in size and scope and has grown to where it is consistently ranked #1 in quality in the nation among academic medical centers. Their 5 hospitals are staffed with over 20,000 employees including …

Rebranding of a City: Lancaster, California

One of the common challenges faced by cities and other municipalities is in attracting and growing its community. A thriving experience for residents and businesses alike is the cornerstone for sustainable growth and longterm viability of a city.

Wayfinding & Placemaking the City of Long Beach California

Great Cities must celebrate their legacy and reinvent for the future. Driving economic success in conjunction with creating a vibrant, safer, and more enticing experience is the key to reinventing and revitalizing a city, making the city relevant to residents, businesses, and tourists alike.  The challenge cities, counties, and other municipalities face …

Wayfinding A Courthouse: Fulton County, GA

As communities grow, so do the various government facilities and services required to meet the growing needs of its citizens. Smaller, original buildings are expanded and supplemented with annex locations, often over decades. And while the physical space expands, so does the confusion surrounding how to get where you need …

Airport Innovation: Wayfinding Tampa International Airport

Almost since the dawning of commercial aviation, airports have faced the challenge of getting passengers onto their flights easier, faster and safer. With the constant rise in personal and business travel, combined with the stress induced by needing to be at the gate by a certain time, navigating checkin counters, …

Wayfinding & Placemaking: Universities – UCSD

Placemaking is both art and science. It is about creating environmental experiences which draw people in and entices them to stay. In the case of college students, it is about creating spaces in which they want to hang out … and claim as their own, as well as making it easy for students and faculty to find their way around campus.

There is no better example of this than what the administrators at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Distrito T-Mobile: San Juan’s Most Exciting New Branded Experience

Selbert Perkins worked closely with the Prisa Group in their creation of an experience that draws people in; exciting, entertaining and engaging them in spending time in the amazing shops, products, services and venues. As the home of the premier entertainment center in Puerto Rico, Distrito T-Mobile is a spectacular …

Happy Hour at Home

SPD Cocktail Recipes Book and Song List At Selbert Perkins Design we like to see the glass half-full. 2020 was a Dark and Stormy year, but we say when life gives you lemons, make a Lemon Drop! Call us Old Fashioned, but having been through nearly 40 years of economic …

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