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Los Angeles Metro K Line: The Complexity of Connecting Communities

The beauty of trains, trams, and other forms of public transportation extends well beyond getting from one place to another. The benefits extend beyond reducing traffic and doing our part in lowering greenhouse emissions. The real beauty is that they connect communities and the people within them with one another.

Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Woman’s Day

As an international, woman-owned, WBE-certified firm, we’d like to celebrate the exceptionally talented women of SPD on International Woman’s Day. From our fearless leader, design creatives, accounting staff, studio managers, marketing team, and HR dept. we are incredibly thankful and proud to stand with the best of the best.
Cheers to all the women who have come before us and those currently paving the way for generations to come.

Placemaking, Wayfinding and Branding: Creating an All-American Neighborhood in Arlington, Texas

Situated in the once sleepy suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington Texas is being transformed into a new story.

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