Storytelling of Kansas City Power & Light’s Newest Residences

“Three Light celebrates the city’s rich musical legacy with visual salutes to Kansas City jazz legends Count Basie and Charlie “Bird” Parker. Murals pay tribute to Basie and Bird. A white-to-black gradient exterior design element evokes Basie’s piano keys, and a complementing piece on the opposite exterior conjures Parker’s saxophone in brass tones. Interior design riffs marry musical instruments with function and design aesthetic — warm wood tones, bold brass notes, glossy black and ivory elements— all in pursuit of the ultimate resident experience.” — The Cordish Companies

It’s true, every place has a story and every story has a place. This has never been truer as it is when it comes to residences—that place which people call home. When deciding where to live, people must be able to envision themselves being healthy, happy, and thriving at home in their new place—imagining themselves immersed in the story of their would-be home.

To expand upon the success of the Kansas City Power and Light District, the Cordish Companies knew that unearthing the authentic story of their new Three Light Luxury Apartments was essential in creating an immersive space, unlike any other; one which enhances the neighborhood they created in the District with the highly successful One Light and Two Light residential buildings.

Selbert Perkins Design was enlisted to find and refine that story, which served to create the framework for the building design, branding, wayfinding, and placemaking.

Creating the story of a place involves both art and science. It first begins with understanding the intentions of the developer and an understanding of their expectations of the space.

That is where our fun begins, but rather than “creating” a story, we look to unearth an authentic story of that place and people; telling the story of their past, present, and future. We perform extensive research and interview key stakeholders in the communities. We are like detectives and sleuths, uncovering and unveiling the oftentimes forgotten stories.

As there are many stories from which to choose, our goal is to tell the story that attracts and resonates with prospective tenants in a way in which they can envision themselves living and thriving there long term, and one Cordish Companies could proudly stand behind as adding depth and breadth to the neighborhood.

Of the many amazing attributes and stories of Kansas City, its rich and vibrant past, present, and future of music resonated above the rest. Music is imbued into almost every aspect of the city, especially within the Power & Light District, from the new to the old, the loud, the quiet, the jazz, the indie, the electronic.

“Whenever I’m in Kansas City, I think back to all the jazz-blues greats who played the blues here – like Count Basie, Charlie Parker and Jay McShann. I watched those guys jam in different places and heard a lot of things – but I couldn’t do what they did. They were too good.” — B.B. King (The King of the Blues)

‘Immersed In Music’ became the resounding theme for this third residential addition to the Kansas City Power & Light neighborhood. The narrative we created has become the playbook and touchstone for all architectural exterior and interior design decisions and elements. From the subtle to the overt, elements can be experienced throughout the building, including the exterior, for guests to enjoy before even entering.

“If you don’t live it, it won’t come out your horn.” — Charlie Parker

At Three Light Luxury Apartments, residents live in an atmosphere in tune, and every inch of space is uniquely Kansas City. An Elevated Living Experience. An Inspired Lifestyle.

Since our beginnings, Selbert Perkins Design continues to place a high value in delighting our clients through the engagement of amazing talent, creating wonderful work, and treating our clients as the heroes of the story they truly are.

For more than 30 years, through our studios in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Shanghai, Selbert Perkins Design has created some of the most successful and iconic projects around the globe.

Photo credit: Max Touhey

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