New Wayfinding Signs in Long Beach

This fall, the Downtown Long Beach pedestrian experience will be enhanced by 12 sleek and stylish new wayfinding signs, which are gifts from the DLBA to the City of Long Beach.

The Downtown Long Beach Alliance enlisted the services of Playa Del Rey-based firm Selbert Perkins to create the design for the free-standing signage.  Selbert Perkins, which has created distinctive signage coast to coast (including extensive work at Los Angeles International Airport), is the same firm that is creating the signage for the City of Long Beach’s comprehensive new wayfinding program.

“The Placemaking Department in the DLBA is always trying to focus on projects which are in line with our larger strategy of encouraging pedestrian access Downtown,” said Mariah Hoffman, DLBA Placemaking Manager.  “Knowing that the City is already going through this city-wide wayfinding upgrade, this is a way the DLBA can ease that process.”

The 12 signs will be installed in the Downtown area bordered by Magnolia Avenue to the west, Ocean Boulevard to the south, Linden Avenue to the east, and Fourth Street to the north.  Similar in style to the bicycle-and-pedestrian-counting signs on the bike trail near Veterans Memorial Pier and on the South Promenade, the new signs will feature an eye-level map along with icons denoting Downtown attractions and public services available within and around a five-minute walk.

The signs, which will be anchored into the sidewalk, are in compliance with the City’s cohesive design specifications:  The color palette, fonts, paint, and metal selection are all in harmony with the City’s new wayfinding signage program. All locations have been approved by the City’s Engineering Department.

Hoffman has served as a facilitator for this project, helping the DLBA hire San Diego-based company Sign Age to produce the signs.  Sign Age took drawings by Selbert Perkins, created its engineering plans, and will be pursuing permitted City approval. Once installed, the signs will be maintained by the City.

The new sign project is another example of the DLBA’s mission to improve the Downtown pedestrian experience.  If deemed successful, the City may look into future locations for this style of signage throughout Long Beach.

“We look forward to seeing new and improved wayfinding signage popping up throughout the downtown area, and we thank the DLBA for their support,” said Craig Beck, Director of Long Beach Public Works. “These new signs will provide Long Beach residents and visitors with a tool to explore the many activities, restaurants, and bars that Downtown has to offer!”

For more information on the wayfinding project, contact Mariah Hoffman at or visit our Wayfinding webpage.

New Wayfinding Signs Lend a Cosmopolitan Feel to Downtown Navigation

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