SPD designed 160,000 square feet of environmental graphics for the DVUC/Commons and two of DeVry University’s corporate offices. One central component of the environmental graphics system in the Commons is The History Wall – a timeline of DeVry’s past, present, and future. The exhibit is 52-feet long, back-lit with 13 glass panels.

Future enhancement will incorporate three TV monitors with narrative, historical video content and interviews with key leaders. Another component in the environmental graphics system is The Student Journey – graphics that bring the student journey to life with the messages of foundation, mentorship, collaboration, and fulfillment. The Student Journey has a timeline aspect as well, exhibiting the progression from the beginning of college (enrollment), through graduation, and to a career. Similar graphic treatments are installed on each of the DeVry floors in the building.

The Commons area was strategically chosen so that the history of the school becomes part of the everyday life of students, faculty and staff.