• Power & Light District: Placemaking & Wayfinding Kansas City’s Future
    From near desolation to thriving community, Kansas City has overcome the challenge faced by many of America’s great cities. Where once these centers of culture, community, growth and prosperity attracted those seeking a better life… […]
  • Analog & Digital Wayfinding is Key to Airport Success
    Imagine that you’re ready for your trip. Your family is with you, and you’re eager to head to the airport. But you’re anxious too. Where are you going? Where do you park? Where is the […]
  • Revitalization of District Detroit: The Eddystone
    From blight to beauty, the much-needed revitalization of the City of Detroit has taken a monumental leap forward. The restoration of the long-abandoned Eddystone Hotel demonstrates Olympia Development’s commitment to bringing District Detroit back to […]
  • Branding is Essential: Part 1
    There is much misconception of what the term “Branding” means. It has been widely overused, diluted and distorted for decades, almost to the point where it no longer represents its original intention. Some people conflate […]
  • Wayfinding & Signage is Vital to Healthcare: U Health – University of Utah
    Since its beginning in 1905, the University of Utah Health, now U Health, has continued to expand in size and scope, and has grown to where it is consistently ranked #1 in quality in the […]
  • Wayfinding & Placemaking the City of Long Beach California
    Great Cities must celebrate their legacy and reinvent for the future. Driving economic success in conjunction with creating a vibrant, safer and more enticing experience is the key to reinventing and revitalizing a city, making the city […]
  • Wayfinding a Courthouse: Fulton County, GA
    As communities grow, so do the various government facilities and services required to meet the growing needs of its citizens. Smaller, original buildings are expanded and supplemented with annex locations, often over decades. And while […]
  • Airport Innovation: Wayfinding Tampa International Airport
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  • Rebranding of a City: Lancaster, California
    One of the common challenges faced by cities and other municipalities is in attracting and growing its community. A thriving experience for residents and businesses alike is the cornerstone for sustainable growth and longterm viability […]
  • Wayfinding & Placemaking: Universities – UCSD
    The hallmark of effective wayfinding and placemaking is measured in the results, as demonstrated by the people enjoying the spaces created. Wayfinding is much more than signage. It’s about understanding how people experience that space […]