Magic Johnson Park – South Los Angeles

Magic Johnson park is a shining example of one of Selbert Perkins Design’s Wayfinding core principles: Functional can and should be beautiful!

In this era whereby both community space and water are in such short supply, Magic Johnson Park is a rare combination of a water capture site, stormwater treatment and recycling facility all nestled in a beautiful park environment which serves as a wonderful outdoor space as well as educating the community on nature, water recycling and the environment. The combining of Beauty and Function serve multiple needs to the local community, nourishing the mind and body as well as the soul. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this wonderful project to life!

In collaboration with the wonderful and talented folks at AHBE MIG, Selbert Perkins crafted wayfinding design and exhibit master plan to provide a sense of place, ‘placemaking’, providing a beautiful and cohesive experience for all. Signs, interpretative graphics, unique cutout panels, vibrant colors … all to enhance the vision of the architects and to make wayfinding and placemaking functional as well as beautiful.

Loop Marker and Universal Wayfinding

Magic Johnson Park Visitor Center
Magic Johnson Park Educational Kiosk