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Dahua 1935 Receives International Design Awards

Dahua 1935 has recently been awarded both the RICS Regeneration Project of the Year and the Global Retail Leisure International (RLI) Award for Best Placemaking Destination for 2020. Congratulations to our clients and collaborators being selected for these global design awards! 

Dahua 1935 is a recently renovated former textile mill located in the oldest commercial district in Xi’an. Collaborating with Woods Bagot, Selbert Perkins Design developed the Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan as well as various Placemaking elements to renovate the property into a premier mixed-use destination. The development has special historic meaning to the region, as it’s located next to Daming Palace, the Tang Dynasty’s royal residence. 

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Led by Partner Robin Perkins, SPD collaborated with Woods Bagot to create an environment that defined a new future for the development while celebrating its rich history. “We were thrilled to be a part of the design team renovating this former spinning mill in historic Xi’an,” says Robin. “Our design team was heavily inspired by the strength of industrial materials combined with the delicacy of the textile materials spun in the mill. We’re excited that our design innovations have helped define this award-winning project as a world-class retail and entertainment destination for Xi’an.”

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Selbert Perkins Design integrated innovative art elements into the Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan. This includes directories that feature LED lighting as well as the use of textiles to direct patrons to key destinations. 

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SPD integrated historic photos into the directional elements. These educational storytelling elements celebrate the rich history of the original textile factory. 

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