Cal Poly Pomona: Re-Branding of a University

One of our Core Principles is that “Every Place has a Story and Every Story has a Place” … and when that place or story changes, it requires retelling, or Re-Branding.

Cal Poly, Pomona has a long and rich heritage of reinvention as the needs and culture of their community evolved. Coupled with a vision of preparing students to be agents of positive change in the world, Cal Poly, Pomona is again, adapting and leading; staying relevant and rising to meet the challenges of its diverse and dynamic community.

Re-Branding is the process of uncovering our client’s current story and telling that story concisely, cogently and consistently in the most effective ways possible.

Selbert Perkins Design assisted the University faculty by performing Research and Analysis, Concept Design and Design Development to provide an experiential understanding of the story of the University’s history, mission and vision for the future. This can be seen in everything from a new logo, college seal and messaging, and unifies all of the college sub-brands within the University.

We created Brand Guidelines so that this new story can be told consistently and powerfully across all forms of media, serving the University for years to come.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona has adeptly reinvented itself throughout its history to align and lead its dynamic and diverse community. We are honored to have been able to assist Cal Poly Pomona in telling the world of why they should be “your home away from home”.